5 Hot Social Media Trends 2019: Part 1 and 2

Trend 1: Telling Stories

Since the early days of marketing, telling stories has always been an important key to success. However now, it is a requirement. Stories are growing 15 times faster than feed-based sharing.

Perhaps it is because people are always looking for something entertaining to connect to. And, now that social media platforms provide TV-like postings, consumers will continue to gravitate towards well-produced stories over still images. 

Try experimenting with Stories on your favorite channel. Be vulnerable, imperfect and authentic. Utilize the Stories Highlight feature. Once you’ve created a Story, you can save it as part of your Highlights. Display select Stories as long as you want on your profile, along with a cover image. This feature is great for special promotions, campaigns, or longer, high-production videos that deserve extra attention. Give your viewers an intimate view of a project you are working on, showing the beginning, middle and end. Or, give a tour of your warehouse or office or event.

Trend 2: Mistrust

In the wake of 2018’s social media and branding scandals involving Facebook, Twitter, and celebrities alike, the importance to prove yourself as a trusted source should become a top priority. 

Try engaging in real, authentic engagements through branded hashtags, Instagram Live, and Facebook Groups. Converse with purpose. Find out whats important to your users, their values, and build conversations around these topics. Hootsuite examples, “Herschel Supply Co. has a popular branded hashtag, #welltravelled, for people who love to travel. They encourage their customers to share photos of Herschel products while exploring beautiful corners of the world.” Focus on engaging with your customers and being a facilitator. Stay away from sales-y pitches – the goal is relationship building.

Parts 3 and 4 coming this Saturday 7.13!

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