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05/09/2019 5:18 pm  

Currently, we have the pop-up to sign up to our newsletter, and a longer form to apply for membership.

We want to make it easier for people to subscribe to our newsletter, and though a good way to do this would be to add a field to the footer menu - either a link to a form, or just a box where they can type in their e-mail address. 

How do I go about doing this? We have the free version of MailChimp and Easy Forms with Basel child.

I wasn't sure whether to post this as a design or technical question... 


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10/09/2019 10:11 pm  

Hi Andy, 

To do this, go to Easy Forms, locate the shortcode of the form you are interested in and copy it. Then, go to Customize > Footer > add a widget > add a text widget > paste code in this widget > save.